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Policies & Procedures

Effective immediately the following policies will be put into place:

• Because hair styling times are estimates and not definite, please do not book nail and hair services on the same day.

• Please do not bring any additional guests or children with you to your appointment, only clients being serviced.

• Appointments must be confirmed within 24hrs of booking. Any appointments that are not confirmed are subject to cancellation.

• All deposits are non refundable. Canceling your appointment for any reason within 24hrs of your appointment will incur the cancellation fee/loss of deposit.

• When rescheduling a confirmed appointment, your deposit is transferable only one time. For the proceeding rescheduling, a new deposit is to be made.

• We allow a 10 minute grace period for lateness. However, late arrivals after the grace period are subject to cancellation and loss of deposit. Please contact us by phone or your technician directly if you will not arrive on time.

• Arriving 25+ minutes late without contact is considered a “No show” and will incur a cancellation fee.

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